You’ll find it in the very training

Örjan Lindén & Henrik Nilsson

You’ll find it in the very training!

Tai Chi Seminar the 26th and 27th of Februar 2005

It seems Grandmaster Brian Jones and his assistent Sifu Ricky Crops have gained a genuine group of Scandinavian students. This time the seminar was fully booked, as had set a limit of thirty students. With two drop out students, two other happy students were offered to attend the seminar.

above: GM Brian Jones is showing self defence aspects of Tai Chi.

GM Brian and Sifu Ricky arrived at Sturup’s airport at ten o’clock on the Friday and even though they had been flying during the night, they were alert and as usual they provided their surroundings with cheering up injections. Sihing Henrik, teacher at the Malmö Wing Tsun school, was personally instructed by Sifu Ricky, under supervision from GM Brian. Later on the Friday Sifu Klaus Schultz from Bonn, showed up.

There is always a good story to listen to when one meets GM Brian, especially the old stories from the 60’s about him meeting Asian Kung Fu teachers. It is worth to notice that GM Brian was the first Caucasian that was taught Wing Chun by an Asian in Europe. He also mentioned a Chinese man called ”The Doctor”, who was Sifu Greko Wong’s instructor. Since GM Brian, in spite of being a Caucasian, once was accepted by his Malaysian/Chinese instructor, he was also accepted by ”The Doctor” to continue his Tai Chi studies with him.

Saturday, the seminar began. Tha class was divided into two groups; one beginner group and one with advanced students. The term ”advanced” is in this case to be regarded as relative to the beginners group. The advanced went on with the next twenty techniques in the first form. Twenty techniques on two days may sound as a small amount, but with applications and push hands, it was more than enough. One shall not only learn, one shall also understand.



It seems GM Brian and Sifu Ricky love to give lessons, because they almost had to be reminded to let the students make a pause. With all their knowledge and experience nobody would mind them if being cocky. On the contrary these two gentlemen are not cocky at all, instead there is a safeness and humbleness in them, liberated from arrogance and need for self-assertion. Also there is no doubt that they would tell anybody, no matter of martial arts rank, to ”fuck off” if they felt it had to be said. 

above: Sifu Ricky Crops with students at beginner level.

So what was the message this seminar? One minute of actual training is four hours of thinking of training. The lack of motivation to train is the enemy. To find motivation is essential. The motivation one finds – ironically – in the very training! Remarkably the students at’s seminar have reached some level of practise and training without taking regular classes. They perform forms at home.

above: Chairman of Malmö Wing Tsun School Jonas Evertsson, GM Brian Jones, Sifu Henrik Nilsson and Sifu Ricky Crops.

One should know that several champions and martial arts masters, in different styles, have reached their high levels after being students under GM Brian. So what will happen when Tai Chi classes are given on a regular basis in Malmö? Under GM Brian the Swedes will be too-bloody-qualified. They just have to do as GM Brian says ”Find your motivation in your training, it is in there!”.

above: Sifu Ricky Crops with two students.

Örjan Lindén & Henrik Nilsson




Unfortunately a couple of students were too disturbed by a influenza virus the second day,
naturally they are not on the picture.