Rarely Added Realism to Esoterc Style

av: Örjan Lindén 

Rarely Added Realism to Esoteric Style
– the Tai Chi Seminar with GM Brian Jones on the 28th of August 2004.

Mr Brian Jones (grandmaster) and his assistant Mr Ricky Crops were visiting kung-fu.se in Malmö, the 28th of August. What did I expect before meeting this legend? Actually I did not really know what to expect. A dreadful warrior? A soft Tai Chi man? An English rough? I had heard the stories alright. However, he was all of the above. And much more.

I have never before met a man of martial arts with all that knowledge and experience and at the same time so loving, humble and willing to share his knowledge. He proofed to be a possessor of great knowledge.

The seminar about Tai Chi focused on battle. What made Mr Jones so easy to learn from, was his teaching method. With each single technique, he constantly shifted between 1-person-form, 2-person-form and battle. With this way of teaching he added realism to what sometimes appears to be a morning exercise for elderly. It is definitely a dangerous kung fu style, when in hands of a user who understands the fighting concept of Tai Chi.

This teaching method gained high learning capability among novices. The way he shifted smoothly between these modes, left no room for doubt that he knew what he was doing. Also he answered questions with humble certainty. It was very obvious that he’d been around for quite a while.

Picture: GM Jones and author, adding weapons to the first form of Tai Chi. 

Above the techniques that I learned from Mr Jones and his assistant, I also learned some codex, suitable for Kung Fu practioners.

Honour your teacher, no matter what. Even if you, for whatever reason, have to end your relation to him or her.

It is hard to learn Kung Fu, therefore a teacher also should respect his students.

Do not misuse your Kung Fu or your Qi will abandon you.

Do your form each morning and each evening, so you will improve.

You owe to yourself to do the best you can with your life.

Mr Jones and his assistant filled the students in Malmö with knew knowledge, inspiration as well as many laughs. As a Wing Tsun practioner, he gave me valuable ideas on softness.

Örjan Lindén